You provide an immediate and powerful impact through the Wheaton Fund

Wheaton Fund gifts come in all sizes, from a few dollars to more than $100,000. Every donor positions us to empower our students to be tomorrow’s leaders. Your participation enhances the value of Wheaton’s distinctive liberal arts education.

Invest Today. Inspire Tomorrow.

When making a gift to the Wheaton Fund you have the ability to designate your gift, if you choose, to one of the following giving priorities:

Area of Greatest Need 
Through your support, you will help fund First-Year Seminars which offer students the opportunity to learn in small classes allowing diverse perspectives and experiences to be interwoven across disciplines.

Arts & Cultural Learning
Creative expression is a hallmark of a liberal arts education. Through the Wheaton Fund, you can support student-curated exhibitions and the senior visual art major’s exhibition, as well as help, maintain Wheaton College’s permanent art collection.

Athletics & Campus Recreation
As a Wheaton Fund donor, you can support intramural and club sports, as well as help, retain top-rated coaches. You help purchase equipment and provide transportation for the college’s 21 men’s and women’s teams.

Campus Life
You can help broaden the impact of students, faculty, and staff who work in soup kitchens or participate in youth mentoring and tutoring. Or who have traveled to Ghana, Rwanda, and beyond to contribute positively to local and global communities.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
You could provide the resources to support diversity, equity, and inclusion work on campus such as developing a culture of shared responsibility to identify, challenge, and dismantle institutional oppression, take steps toward racial justice and ensure inclusion in all we do. Your investment can support supplemental workshops, training, research, and other campus initiatives to ensure that our students learn to be actively anti-racist, open-minded, and empathic citizens.

Experiential Learning & Internships
The Wheaton Edge guarantee, which formalized the college’s long-standing commitment to providing an outstanding liberal arts education that includes real-world experience, is made possible in large part by Wheaton Fund donors.

Library Resources
You help support the library which fosters both preservation and innovation. Your investment enables the Madeleine Clark Wallace Library to expand its extensive resources, including special collections and historical archives, digital subscriptions, textbooks, and databases.

Scholarship Funding
You help to prepare students to address critical issues and take action on the solutions they develop by helping to provide an immersive face-to-face residential experience.

Science & Technology Resources
With your support, faculty and students are provided with smart classrooms, campus-wide Wi-Fi, and on-campus IT support. You can provide tools, materials, and spaces for students to gather, explore, innovate and create.

You may support the college’s commitment to enhancing the campus environment and infrastructure to meet students’ needs and to support the innovative and high-quality curricular and co-curricular programs that shape their experiences.