Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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The English Department offers two bachelor's degree programs: an A. B. program in English and another in Creative Writing and Literature. The English major appeals to students interested to study literature, culture, criticism, and theory, while the Creative Writing and Literature major attracts students who enjoy reading and analyzing literature and, importantly, writing original works of fiction, poetry, and playwriting. All members of the department teach First Year Writing. In addition, the Director of College Writing as well as the coordinators of the Film and New Media Studies interdepartmental major are members of the department who offer courses in film, new media, and professional writing.

Small class sizes foster an interactive learning environment in the English Department, which encourages students to share their ideas and insights with each other. A variety of instructional methods allows the faculty to address multiple learning styles, and students in the department frequently form long-lasting professional relationships with faculty members. These relationships often result in collaborative research, independent projects, and other avenues for students to gain experience and build relationships beyond the classroom.

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