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Basic Services

The Counseling Center offers a variety of services, including:

  • crisis intervention
  • brief, solution-focused counseling
  • Alcohol/Drug use consulations
  • short-term groups
  • educational workshops
  • medication evaluations
  • consultations
  • referrals

We encourage students, faculty, and staff to contact us about particular programs they would like us to offer. Counseling Center staff members are also available to consult with students, faculty, and staff about either individual or community concerns.


Most services the Counseling Center provides are free of charge. Students who need a medication evaluation with our consulting psychiatrist must make arrangements to pay for these services either through their health insurance or out-of-pocket.


The Counseling Center staff considers issues of student privacy to be of utmost importance. All interviews and services are strictly confidential. We will not release information about a student--or even acknowledge whether a student is being seen--without that student's written consent. Although there are specific exceptions to confidentiality under Massachusetts law (e.g., when individuals present a danger to themselves or others), these exceptions are rare.

Working Together

The Counseling Center staff wants students to feel good about their counseling experience. We expect students to work closely with their counselors to set goals and to determine the focus and course of their treatment. We also encourage students to raise any concerns they have about their treatment or Counseling Center policies. Please give us your feedback. We're here to help.

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