In an effort to provide more civic engagement and community services opportunities to students at Wheaton, the Center for Social Justice and Community Impact will provide an hour-long opportunity each month for students and student organizations to partner with local and/or national nonprofits to help aid in their missions through direct and indirect service.

WheaServe is an initiative where students can participate in meaningful community service projects together, as a community. Each month, WheaServe will host Civic Engagement Tuesdays, an opportunity to do small community service projects right on campus at the Chapel Base. Through this initiative, students will also learn how to report their service hours through the “Report My Hours” function as well as how to utilize their service for future academic and professional opportunities.

My Service Hours
Center for Social Justice and Community Impact staff members:

  • support student-initiated clubs and service projects
  • work with faculty to support experiential learning classes or projects that send students into the community to work with local agencies on programs that make our community a better place to live and learn
  • create service opportunities that bring together students, staff, faculty, and the community
  • help YOU develop opportunities to make a difference

Civic Engagement Tuesday Events

April 2023:
Life Care Center of Attleboro
Decorating and writing encouraging cards for nursing homes

May 2023:
Story Book Making for YMCA Childcare

September 2023:
Letters for Deployed Soldiers and Veterans

October 2023:
Voter Registration Drive

November 2023:
Food bank connection with sandwich making

December 2023:
Head Start: Norton, MA
Holiday present-wrapping for low-income children within the Norton community

Other Service Opportunities

Here are some ongoing groups that are always ready to help or open to volunteer support:

Community service–in Norton, New Orleans or Ghana–provides a concrete and transformative learning experience that prepares us all to be better scholars, citizens, and leaders. The Center for Social Justice and Community Impact encourages students, faculty and staff to move beyond a charity-based model of service to one of full and sustainable partnerships in which all participants benefit in significant ways.

“Find your place on the planet.  Dig in, and take responsibility from there.”

– Buddhist poet, Gary Snyder