Are you interested in becoming a Resident Advisor?

Apply now! Applications are always rolling.


Submit an application by emailing your interest to our office ([email protected]).

Your application requires you to prepare a cover letter, resume, and information for two (2) references.

Students can request the Resident Advisor Information Packet for details about the position, the application process, and instructions on how to write a resume and cover letter.

Group Interview

Participate in a group interview process. Returning RAs DO NOT have to take part in the group interview process.

Individual Interview

Participate in an individual interview. Returning RAs DO have to take part in RA individual interviews and will present a work portfolio.


Here’s why YOUR Resident Advisors think you should be a Resident Advisor, too.

“I love feeling like what I’m doing has a purpose and seeing my actions have effects on other people!” – Eva D.

“It was one of the best decisions I ever made here. It helped me grow so much, and I became a much better leader, mentor, and person through the process. I highly suggest you become an RA.” – Jacob N.

“I became an RA because I wanted to be in a role where I could break down boundaries between people of different backgrounds by facilitating workshops, programs, and building relationships.” – Jamara C.

“Being a good RA isn’t having a specific personality type; it’s about being willing to commit to the job.” – Will O.

“Becoming an RA is such an amazing opportunity, and you will learn so many new skills, gain so many new friends, and make so many good memories.” – JJ G.