The Office of Residential Life is composed of 6 professional staff and 57 para-professional Resident Advisors.

Administrative Staff

Seth Hodge (he/him)
Director of Residential Life
Seth Hodge is responsible for overseeing the Department of Residential Life. Residential Life supports Wheaton students in a number of ways. In addition to managing the campus Residence Halls and Theme Houses, Residential Life provides developmental programming opportunities, conflict mediation, peer support and numerous opportunities for involvement and leadership.

Lyndsey Aguilar (she/they)
Associate Director of Residential Life
Theme House Coordinator
Interim Area Coordinator of BGEEKS (Beard, Gebbie, Everett, Everett Heights, Keefe, Stanton)
Interim Area Coordinator of MLKC (Metcalf, Larcom, Kilham, Cragin)

Area Coordinators

Leigh Kozak (they/them)
Area Coordinator of YMC (Young, McIntire, Clark)

Portrait of Michael NewmanMichael Newman (he/him)
Area Coordinator of PaM (Pine and Meadows)