The Office of Residential Life is comprised of 8 professional staff and 54 para-professional Resident Advisors.

Administrative Staff

Ed Burnett
Associate Dean for Campus Life

Alicia Moquin
Assistant Director for Residential Leadership Programs
Area Coordinator, YMC Quad (Young, McIntire, Clark)

Rachel Pink
Campus Life Operations Manager



Area Coordinators

Bridget Lewis
Area Coordinator, BaM Quad (Beard and Meadows Complex)
Program Coordinator, SAIL

Lyndsey Aguilar
Interim Housing Operations Coordinator
Area Coordinator, MLKCC Quad (Metcalf, Larcom, Kilham, Cragin, Chapin)
Theme House Coordinator

Dani Roberts
Area Coordinator, GWEEKS Quad (Gebbie, White House, Everett, Everett Heights, Keefe, Stanton)
Social Justice Programming Coordinator

Oscar Miranda
Assistant Area Coordinator, YMC Quad (Young, McIntire, Clark)
Graduate Assistant