Returning students choose their rooms for the upcoming coming academic year through Room Selection.  This process takes place in the Spring semester.

Wheaton offers an array of housing options that have specific social and academic focuses. Depending on what you are looking for, rooms are selected through either application (Theme Houses and Beard) or lottery (General Room Selection, Suites, etc.).

We know that your room is important to you. . . do yourself a favor and be well informed.  If there is a question that you cannot find online, please ask us.

Housing Options

  1. Theme Houses: Groups of students connected by a common passion apply to live in select on-campus houses.
  2. Gebbie & Keefe:  Groups must register for a special lottery to obtain a suite or apartment.
  3. Beard Hall: Is designed for students looking to integrate their social and intellectual pursuits.  It will also house the May Fellows Residential Program.  Students must submit an application to be considered eligible to live in Beard.
  4. Special Interest Housing:  This is now lumped in with general room selection, and is all part of the same lottery process.  As a reminder the Department of Residential Life considers the following spaces to be “special Interest:”
    • Larcom – Welness
    • White House – Quiet Study
    • Kilham – Single Gender Female
  5. General Room Selection:  Excluding Theme Houses, Beard, Gebbie and Keefe, all buildings on upper and lower campus, including single rooms are available through lottery.  No pre-registration is necessary.  All eligible students who have not selected rooms through earlier processes are automatically included in the General Room Selection lottery.

**Students will be able to pick special interest rooms during the general room selection lottery.

Important Information
Drop In Hours

Will be scheduled in the Spring Term