The Three Steps in Picking a Room

Click on the links for tutorials on the steps needed to pick a room.

  • Part 1: Signing your housing contract, confirming your web profile info, and learning more about Community Choices.

Step-by-step guide to complete the housing application – part I (video)

  • Part 2: Creating a roommate group, applying for a suite, or applying to live in a Living Learning Community.

Creating Roommate / Suite Groups (pdf)

  • Part 3: Picking a room through general lottery, suite selection, or assignment by ResLife staff.

Selecting a Room (pdf)

Lottery Eligibility

All students registered with a full time status in the Fall semester are eligible to take part in the Room Selection process. This includes students who are currently studying abroad.

If your student account is affected by a hold of any kind (e.g. financial or academic) you will be restricted from selecting a room and must contact the appropriate office as soon as possible.

Students Studying Abroad

If you will be studying abroad in the Fall semester (or participating in a similarly styled “abroad” program in which you will not be on campus in the Fall), you will not be able to select a room through the room selection process. Your placement will be made based on preference and space availability when you return for the Spring.

Residential Life will be contact with students abroad during the Fall to request their housing preferences. These preferences are normally due by mid-December and assignments will be sent out in January. Please know that all assignments are made by lottery number within each class and preferences will be taken into account as much as possible.

Note: all lottery times are given in EST, not the time zone you are located in. Please plan accordingly when logging in and picking your room for the next year.

Students taking a leave of absence, but plan on returning in the Fall and wish to participate in Room Selection, should contact Residential Life directly at [email protected].


  • In order to live with friends, you must be connected as roommates.
  • When picking a room, we recommend the roommate with the best time to pick the room during lottery.
  • ALL roommates must mutually accept each other through the system.
  • If you are hoping for a single, do NOT form a roommate group.
  • You can make these groups in advance so do this once the second phase of the room selection process opens.

If you have questions that are not addressed in the tutorials, please visit our Room Selection FAQ page.

Floor Plans

If you are interested in trying to be strategic about picking a room, floor plans for residence halls can be found in the Campus Life Section of insideWheaton.
Please know that these are NOT to scale.