Housing Assignments for incoming students will be sent to students’ Wheaton emails by early August (mid-January for mid-year enrollment).

Living On-Campus

Wheaton is a residential community and all new students are expected to live on campus. Requests to live at your parent or guardian’s primary residence and commute will be considered.
Learn more about off-campus living.

In April (December for mid-year enrollment) you will receive information on how to access the New Student Housing Survey. We use those answers from that survey to best match roommate(s) and assign rooms that are as close to your preferences as possible. We offer double, triple, and quad options.

Fall Semester Enrolled Students


Wheaton College is committed to creating the most developmental and positive experience possible for all of its students. Over the years, research has shown (both nationally and specifically at Wheaton) that incoming students who select their own roommate have significantly higher instances of roommate conflicts and room change requests. Generally, when students select their own roommate, prioritization is put on shared interests, taste in music, potential majors, and other similar things. While these are important pieces of the puzzle, we in the Department of Residential Life match roommates with a prioritization on things like sleep schedules, if they like their room full of guests or to be a quiet sanctuary, cleanliness habits etc. with similar interests as a secondary tier of importance. This helps us match people on their ability to live together rather than just interests encouraging folks to meet and engage with students they may not have otherwise found.

New students are able to mutually agree on being roommates with another new student. While we will consider these requests, as always, no request is guaranteed and we strongly encourage you to allow us to use our cumulative 40+ years of experience in campus housing to support your experience by finding the best match for you from our hundreds of incoming students.

We suggest that students start a discussion before coming to campus with your matched roommate, not only about what you’re bringing, but also how you feel about overnight guests, borrowing each others things, “partying” in the room, etc. You should plan to continue this discussion when you arrive on campus and throughout the year.

Spring Semester Enrolled Students

Students entering Wheaton in the middle of the academic year will receive a New Student Housing survey which will be due in early January. New students arriving in the Spring semester will have access to available housing options and will be placed based on how their preferences align with available space. Due to the relatively small number of students enrolling in the Spring, typically students will be assigned to live with a returning student.


Move-In for new students will be part of your Orientation program.

**Due to limitations on our staff and final preparations to the residence halls, we cannot accept new student early arrivals prior to the scheduled move-in date.

Housing Accommodations

Students may submit a request for a specific housing accommodation due to a medical, psychological, or disability-related condition. Visit the Housing Accommodations page via Accessibility Services for more information.

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