When the halls close for break periods or at the end of the semester or when they re-open, residents may request either a late departure or early arrival beyond the published date.  In some cases, charges will apply to these requests.

Generally, a one night extension will be considered for domestic students and up to a two night extension will be considered for international students.

Request Qualifications

Requests will be considered, but are not guaranteed.  Residential Life’s decision is based on:

  • The request being made prior to the published deadline
  • The distance of travel
  • The availability of housing
  • Other mitigating factors such as weather

Personal schedules or off campus commitments (for example an off campus job) are not justifiable requests for housing.

How do I Make this Request?

Typically residents can make this request through an online form or via email.  This information will be shared with the community as part of a Break Notice that is sent out via email in the weeks prior.

All residents must be vacated by their scheduled date.