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October 11-December 11, 2001
new directions: Recent Work by Studio Art Faculty
, Tim Cunard, Claudia R. Fieo, Andrew K. Howard and Patty Stone (displayed in Mars Arts and Humanities, due to Watson renovation)


March 6-April 13, 2001
Hidden Geometries: Livia Campanella St. Florian

February 1-March 1, 2001
Tactile Images:
Paintings & Painted Objects by Bill Hutson

November 16-December 12, 2000
Tim Cunard: Recent Works

October 12-November 10, 2000
Candace Jans: Selected Works

September 7-October 5, 2000
emnants: Ancient Forests & City Trees works by Prilla Smith Brackett


April 19-May 19, 2000
Chrysalis: The Unveiling of the Senior Art Exhibition

March 9-April 14, 2000
Impressions: The Art of the Print
Selections from the Wheaton College Collection curated by students in Professor Evelyn Lane’s senior art history seminar, with catalogue edited by Evelyn S. Lane, preface by Ann H. Murray.

February 3-March 2, 2000
Variations on “The Muted Heart”
New Paintings by Bob Dilworth

November 15-December 14, 1999
Judy Lapides: Paintings

October 13-November 11, 1999
Image Into Process/Process Into Image:
new work by Soles, Stone and Van Camp

September 9-October 9, 1999
A Sense of Place: Black and White Landscapes
by Dorothy Kerper Monnelly


April 14-May 11, 1999
Senior Exhibition

March 4-April 9, 1999
The Cape Split Cycle
Katherine Kadish, monotypes; Sue Standing, poems

February 3-28, 1999
An American Composer Looks at Egypt: Ruth Lynda Deyo and The Diadem of Stars, co-curated with Ann Sears (Music Department), Zephorine Stickney (College Archivist and Curator of Special Collections), and Kelly Dann (Class of 2000)

November 11-December 11, 1998
David Macaulay: Shortcut to Rome

October 8-November 6, 1998
: polymer and carved plaster paintings by Alice Spencer

September 3-October 3, 1998
Paysages catalans
Paintings and Drawings by Judith Nulty Wheaton College, Class of 1966


April 15-May 5, 1998
Senior Art Show 1998

March 9-April 4, 1998
Wake up Little Susie: Pregnancy and Power Before Roe vs. Wade

WARNINGS: Photomontages by Lisa Link

January 29-February 28, 1998
A Dialogue with the Sea
recent photographs by Andrew K. Howard

December 1-20, 1997
Curator’s Choice Highlights from the Wheaton College Collection curated by Jennie Crimmins ’98, researched by Alice Bever ’01, Cathy Brady ’99, Michael Hickey ’98 and Liza Statton ’98

October 16-November 22, 1997
Office of the Dead:
Topographic Wall Sculpture and Related Works by Harriet Feigenbaum

September 4-October 4, 1997
Re: Turnings Recent Prints by Claudia R. Fieo


April 17-May 6, 1997
Odds and Ends:
Senior Art Major’s Exhibition

March 10-April 10, 1997
The Art of Drawing: Selections from the Wheaton College Collection

January 28- February 28, 1997
Ether Dreams Shaping Vapors
new sculpture by Tim Cunard

November 7-December 10, 1996
The Urban Landscape: Five Visions
work by Jean Cain, Mark Freedman, Ping-hsing Ku, Joseph Norman and Howard Skrill

October 1-November 1, 1996 (Installation in progress October 1-6)
Michael Shaughnessy: New Installation

September 4-28, 1996
An Exhibition in Honor of Vaino Kola and his Students at Wheaton College, 1969-1993


April 18- May 3, 1996
Senior Art Exhibition 1996

March 7-April 12, 1996
Silverpoint Paintings by Susan Schwalb

February 1-March 1, 1996
Patty Stone: The Canonical Hours and Other Works

November 16-December 15, 1995
Jack Wolfe: Paintings from a Decade,
Selections from the Wittgenstein, Bogata and Quest Series 1984-1995

October 12-November 10, 1995
Inspired by Nature:
Sculpture and Drawings by Marty Cain

September 7-October 5, 1995
Ken Horii and Harriet Pappas: Rattles, Eye Traps and Other Votive Offerings


April 19- May 5, 1995
Senior Art Show 1995

March 27-April 14, 1995
Paintings by Susan Hoffman Fishman

January 31- March 10, 1995
Sinbad’s Isle: Photographs from Lamu
by Susan O’Connor

November 9-December 13, 1994
White Man’s Tales:
Photocollage murals by British artist Vaughan Grylls provide ironic commentaries of Western expansionism

October 5-November 4, 1994
Daniel Dutton: The Secret Commonwealth

September 1-30, 1994
Meryl Brater: The Form of Language


April 21-May 6, 1994
Works by Senior Studio Art Majors ’94

March 7-April 10, 1994
Her Story: Three Visual Tales about Women’s History,
Meredith Davis “Family Values”, Nancy Helfant “The Midnight Bride Series” and Jo Yarrington “Passage”

February 1-27, 1994
Prized Possessions: Sculpture, Artifacts, Textiles and Decorative Arts from the Permanent Art Collection
curated by Sarah Austin ’94, supervised by Ann Murray

November 16-December 10, 1993
Artfully Designed & Finely Crafted: An Exhibition Celebrating 1993
— “The Year of American Craft”

October 14-November 12, 1993
Fiber & Feathers: Native Baskets of North America and Feather Work of South America
guest curator Elizabeth Zarur

September 1-October 3, 1993
wo in one show: Works by Faculty Artists, Chiaroscuro: prints by Claudia R. Fieo; Cambodians: Attleboro, Massachusetts photographs by Andrew K. Howard


April 22-May 7, 1993
1993 Wheaton College Senior Show

March 4-April 7, 1993
Alchemical Reconnaissance:
photographs by John Huddleston

February 3-28, 1993
Geraldine Erman: Recent Work

November 12- December 11, 1992
Gregory Gomez: Linear Language

October 15- November 7, 1992
Objects with Voice:
Recent works by Gail Scott White

September 4-October 7, 1992
Free in spirit #3:
Fabric and fiber art by Susan Thompson


April 15-May 16, 1992
Creations ’92:
Wheaton College Senior Show

March 4-April 11, 1992
Candace Jans: Paintings from New England Collections 1981-1991

January 28-February 28, 1992
Vaino Kola/

November 7-December 10, 1991
Cone Shaped Dreams:
recent sculpture by Tim Cunard

October 2-November 7, 1991
Dialogue with Ancient Memories: Works in Paper, Clay and Fire
by Squidge Davis

September 15-November 7, 1991
David Shapiro: Sculptures

September 4-27, 1991
Nineteenth-Century Paintings and Drawings
from the Wheaton College Collection


April 17-May 3, 1991
Variations on a Theme: Tradition & Innovation, Senior Art Major’s Exhibition

March 6-April 13, 1991
Piranesi and the New Vision of Classical Antiquity in the Eighteenth Century
with catalogue by Thomas J. McCormick

January 29-March 1, 1991
The Invisible Tourist:
Photographs by Neal Graham

November 8-December 11, 1990
Lynn Curtis: Paintings

October 10-November 3, 1990
2 to B seen:
sculpture and drawings by Loretta and David Barnett

August 30-September 30, 1990
Elizabeth Tracy: Recent Paintings from Eleusis Series


March 27-April 20, 1990
Michael Cipriano: Recent Paintings

November 28-December 18, 1989
photographs by Andrew K. Howard

Dirk Bach: Drawings

October 19-November 17, 1989
Ros Barron: Paintings


November 1- December 16, 1988
Bruce Rogovin


November 1-December 15, 1987
LIFE: The Second Decade 1946-1955


February 4-March 15, 1987
Anne Tabachnick: Paintings


February 9-March 21, 1986
Carolee Thea


February 28- March 16, 1984
Water Works:
Monotypes by Katherine Kadish, Poetry by Sue Standing