More than ever, healthcare institutions value well-rounded, educated doctors with strong interpersonal skills and an understanding of societal factors at work in the profession. A quality, multidisciplinary Wheaton liberal arts education will give you that edge. If medical school is in your plans, choose the academic track in pre-medicine. Wheaton will provide the groundwork for a career as a physician through extensive coursework in biology, chemistry, math, biochemistry, physics, psychology, sociology and writing. The program also includes access to state-of-the-art laboratories, faculty mentors, and career guidance every step of the way.

Allopathic (MD) and Osteopathic (DO)

Consult the Pre-Health Faculty Advisor for the right sequence of courses for you. 

Courses required by the majority of medical schools

Three Biology courses

Bio 114: Introduction to the Biological Sciences

And two from:
Bio 211: Genetics
Bio 219: Cell Biology
Bio 221: Microbiology
Bio 203: Anatomy and Physiology I
Bio 204: Anatomy and Physiology II
Note: some medical schools require specific biology courses beyond these. 

Four Chemistry courses

Chem 153: Chemical Principles
Chem 253: Organic Chemistry I
Chem 254: Organic Chemistry II
Chem 232: Aqueous Equilibria

One Biochemistry course 

Bio 305: Biochemistry
Note: Course prerequisites for Bio 305: Biochemistry that must be completed before taking the course: Chem 254 and Bio 211 (Genetics) or Bio 219 (Cell Biology) or Bio221 (Microbiology) 

Two Physics courses

Phys 170: Introductory Physics I
Phys 171: Introductory Physics II

One Mathematics course

Math 101: Calculus I
Note: some medical schools require two mathematics courses. Select MD programs currently require Calculus (Required for biochemistry, chemistry, economics, mathematics, physics majors) OR Math 141: Statistics (Required for bioinformatics, business/management, economics, neuroscience, psychology majors) 

Two English courses 

Eng 101: Writing
One English literature class: 200-level or above

Two Social Science courses (Psychology and Sociology) 

Psy 101: Introductory Psychology

Select one of the following:
Soc 101: Introduction to Sociology
Soc 191: Self and Society

Medical School Curricular Path: Allopathic (MD) and Osteopathic (DO) (pdf)

Pre-Health Faculty Advising

Working with a dedicated Pre-Health Faculty Advisor, students interested in pre-health can expect individualized curricular sequencing guidance, career advice and coaching, and pre-application support for graduate and medical schools. Pre-health career students can also access a wide array of internship and shadowing opportunities that are regularly shared by the Pre-Health Faculty Advisor.

Students applying to pre-health graduate programs receive graduate school selection guidance and support, personal statement guidance, interview preparation, feedback on application materials, and testing guidance and testing preparation for GRE/MCAT/DAT/PCAT.

Medical school applicants are supported at Wheaton College through the Pre-Health Advisor and the work of an interdisciplinary committee of staff and faculty. Wheaton College’s Pre-Health Advisor is Hilary Gaudet, Ph.D.