Our summer 2024 course offerings embrace popular subjects while fostering innovative thinking. Each course provides an introduction to its subject, offering a holistic perspective that delves into career possibilities. Beyond that, it encourages interdisciplinary exploration, considering the subject’s relevance to societal challenges and fostering bold solutions. Courses aim not only to educate but to empower, preparing students to become tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and culture creators.

Selecting your course(s) 

>Tip: to help with your course selection and understand the benefits of each class, be sure to review these “Outcomes” in each of the course descriptions:

    • Fundamentals: Essential core concepts vital for a strong grasp of the subject
    • Critical thinking in action: Development of skills in analysis, problem-solving, and creative thinking beyond just absorbing information
    • Experiential application: Connect theoretical learning to real-life situations, highlighting the subject’s impact on future opportunities and experiences

Participants following the Student Experience should select TWO courses — one in the AM and one in the PM. For those seeking an immersive experience in a particular subject area, each course has a co-course suggestion to select. However, in keeping with Wheaton’s emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, you are free to select any combination of courses to suit your interest and curiosity.

Participants in the Athlete Experience will take ONE course in either the AM or PM schedule depending on your sport. Fencers should select a course in the PM Schedule. Swimmers should select a course in the AM Schedule. Strength and Conditioning athletes may choose ONE course from either schedule. If you choose a course in the AM, your training will be in the afternoon. If you choose a course in the PM, your training will be in the morning.

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Course schedule


AM Courses

PM Courses

AI for Good!?! Innovation Lab: Ideation to Fabrication
Nature’s Classroom: Environmental Science Field Methods Climate Change Solutions: Science in Action
Nursing: Careers and Considerations in Healthcare Neuroscience: Mental Health & Medication
Psychology and the Law Criminal Justice and Social Impact: Unlocking Crime and Punishment
Storytelling: Online and On Stage Digital Beats and Beyond: Electronic Music Production