Will I earn college credit for completing Wheaton Pre-College courses?

All of the courses in this program offer credit that can be applied to undergraduate studies at Wheaton. Acceptance of credit at other institutions including a student’s home high school is up to that institution and based on their criteria, policies and the individual student’s academic standing. Students wishing to supplement their high school’s studies with one of our courses should review the course with their academic advisor, counselor or the appropriate high school administrator, prior to applying registering for the course—for their acceptance of credit approval.

Note: Wheaton courses are on a one credit per course system, which typically translates to a 3 credit course at other colleges and universities.

Did you say that there will be homework?

The emphasis on each of our classes is on in-class learning and exploration. However, these are college-level courses with college-level ambitions. Every course will have some homework or projects that require work outside of the scheduled class time. These could be team collaborations with peers, independent research or working in the studio or lab. Homework expectations will be outlined by the instructor during the first class meeting.

What happens on Fridays?

Along with Friday’s open lab sessions to dig into your project or assignments, the program includes workshops that can help you prepare for college life and beyond. Workshop topics may include advice on college essay writing, healthy relationships and time management.

Will I need a Laptop? What are the Tech Requirements?

All students will need access to a personal computer (for work outside of class) and some courses may ask that students bring a laptop to class (see course descriptions). Students will be utilizing the Wheaton Canvas learning management system, and should be able to perform basic printing and word processing capabilities. Students will access Wheaton’s Canvas portal for each class. The course syllabus, class outline, grading policies, expectations and assignments will be accessible through the Canvas portal.

Mobile devices (smartphone and tablets) are not suggested as they often will not integrate well with Canvas and other software. Personal computers should meet the following minimum system requirements:

Chrome 110 and 111
Firefox 110 and 111 (Extended Releases are not supported*)
Edge 110 and 111
Respondus Lockdown Browser (supporting the latest system requirements)
Safari 15 and 16 (Mac only)

Students should also have an office suite installed such as MS Office or LibreOffice, or use an online office suite like Google Apps or Office 365.

How will I receive my grades and transcript?

After completing the program students will receive information on how they can request official transcripts of their grades. Official transcripts are typically used for most college applications.

How can I find out more about Wheaton College?

The best way to get to know the college is to plan a campus visit. Wheaton is easy to get to, as we’re conveniently located between Boston, MA (35 miles) and Providence, RI. For a quick look at the college, check out Wheaton’s history, mission and vital signs, and the more than 100 academic programs we offer today. You also will find lots of helpful information on the Admission website.