Jewish Studies
Offered by the History, and Religion departments.

The diverse world of Jewish studies makes for an enriching addition to your major course of study at Wheaton. Through classes that span disciplines, you’ll learn the history and culture of Jews around the world. Our students’ research projects are a good reflection of the broad scope of this field, with topics including Judaism and sustainable food movements; dramatic and visual artistic representations of the Holocaust; Jews, the Bible, and comics; and Judaism, gender, and sexuality.



Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus

Professor of Religion; Henrietta Jennings Faculty Chair for Outstanding Teaching (2020-2025); Program Coordinator, Jewish Studies; Network for LGBTQ+ Inclusion, Support, and Advocacy committee member

Anni Cecil

Professor of History; Henrietta Jennings Faculty Chair for Outstanding Teaching (2015-2020)

Tom Dolack

Professor of the Practice of Russian