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Classics offers five different majors and three different minors. The majors include the interdisciplinary major in Ancient Studies and four major programs in Classics, allowing students to concentrate in either Greek or Latin individually, in the two languages together or in the literatures and cultures of antiquity (Classical Civilization). The minor programs allow students to study either Greek or Latin individually, or the literatures and cultures of antiquity (Classical Civilization).



Nancy Evans

Professor of Classics

Joel C. Relihan

Professor of Classics


Maren Higgins

2020, Classics

Porter Cleveland Fellowship

U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, Albany, NY

I got a candid look at the struggles those entering the country face when attempting to create a new life for themselves. I learned how vastly these communities need assistance and gained experience in how to aid those looking for better opportunities in this country.

Dalton Adams

2021, Classical Civilization

Davis International Fellowship

Villa Del Vergigno Archaeological Site and Field School, Montelupo Fiorentino, Tuscany, Italy

This was my first work experience in my intended field and it was everything that I had hoped for. I was digging at a Roman villa, dissecting several ancient furnaces, and cataloging all coins on site. It was my nerd paradise.


87% of Classics and Classical Civilization majors from the past five years have found employment or achieved a service opportunity within six months of graduation *

of Classics and Classical Civilization majors

Recent Graduates

Sample First Jobs

  • Assistant Teacher, Windward School
  • Program Coordinator, Rhode Island Council for the Humanities
  • English Instructor, Friends Girls School

Sample Graduate Schools

  • Fordham University
  • Simmons College
  • University of Massachusetts-Amherst

*outcomes data is based on a knowledge rate of 83% for the classes of 2014-2018