COVID-19 Update: Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 globally, Merit Scholar Stipends may not be used for opportunities outside of the United States through summer 2021, except in cases where:

  1. a student from outside the United States is completing the opportunity in their home country or

  2. the opportunity can be completed remotely from the student’s home.

PLEASE NOTE: Funded internships are considered college-sponsored programs and, as such, are subject to all college policies regarding international and domestic travel, including travel restrictions. These policies may change with little warning in response to global events.

Balfour/Community/Regional/Trustee Scholars

Balfour/Community/Regional/Trustee Scholars represent top students in each entering class. They are recognized for strong academic performance, demonstrated extra-curricular, and/or community service commitment. Balfour, Community, Regional, and Trustee Scholars receive a stipend that can be applied to a range of unpaid out-of-class learning experiences including internships, research, student-faculty collaborations, professional development activities and community service endeavors that occur in the summer after a scholar’s sophomore or junior year.

Scholars may not use their stipend to volunteer or intern in countries that are on the U.S. State Department Warning List or U.S. Centers for Disease Control Travel Warning List without an approved petition.  Students seeking an exception to this policy must submit a Travel Warning Petition to the Office of Career Services by April 15th.  Petitions are reviewed and considered by the College’s Safety Policy Committee and decisions made by the committee are final. Merit scholars who access their stipends for a Wheaton faculty-led trip (during winter break or the summer) are not eligible to apply for or receive additional Filene Center funding for the immediate subsequent summer.

Deadline for accessing merit scholar stipends for summer 2021 is June 15, 2021.  No late paperwork will be accepted.

This stipend satisfies the Wheaton Edge promise of a funded experience. Access to other funding is available through the Davis International and the Porter Cleveland Fellowships.

Required Paperwork and Forms

After completing the Merit Scholar Application, upload your completed forms (1) Intent to Access Form (ITA)  and (2) Internship Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to your Merit Scholar Application for processing.

What are the obligations if a student receives a stipend or fellowship?

As a recipient of this stipend, the student’s responsibilities/obligations are:

  1. Submission of a 1-2 page reflection essay on the experience at the end of August.
  2. Presentation of a poster/presentation at the annual Internship Showcase in the fall semester. (If the gift is named for a benefactor whose gifts have made the award possible, the student may be asked to acknowledge that fact.)
  3. Submission of an evaluation from your summer experience supervisor.

Instructions on creating your poster and the supervisor evaluation and date of the Internship Showcase will be sent to you early in July.

Other important information regarding your stipend:

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