The testing room is available for students with exam accommodations, including extra time and a distraction-reduced testing location. This room should only be used by students with accommodations provided by Accessibility Services.

Where is the quiet testing room?

The quiet testing room is room 2349 in the Filene Center (next to the double doors that lead to the Discovery Center lobby).

How do I make a reservation to use the quiet testing room?

Students who would like to use the testing room should email [email protected] to reserve their spot. Students are encouraged to email one week in advance to reserve their spot in the room.

Are students with testing accommodations required to use this room?

Students with accommodations have the option of using this room, but may decide to take their exams in other locations around campus, as appropriate. Faculty and student to discuss what the best location is for them to complete their exam on a case-by-case basis.

Do I bring my exam over to the Filene Center, or will my professor drop it off? What about returning the exam?

It is the student’s responsibility to ask their professor if they would like to drop off the exam with an Accessibility Services staff member or have the student walk the exam over to the Filene Center. If the faculty member would like to drop off the exam, they can email [email protected] to ensure that a staff member will be available to receive the exam. When the student is finished with the exam, Accessibility Services can help coordinate the return of the exam to the professor in whichever method is preferred. The student can either walk the exam back to the faculty member, or the faculty member can retrieve the exam. If the faculty member would like to retrieve the exam, they should indicate when they will be picking up the exam.

Can I leave my completed exam at the front desk?

No. To maintain confidentiality and academic integrity, exams (completed or not completed) should not be left at the Filene Center front desk.

Is the testing room proctored?

As Wheaton College has an Honor Code, the testing room is not proctored. As such, Filene Center staff is not able to enforce any time restrictions.