Welcome to Wheaton College’s enhanced Wi-Fi experience! Whether you’re a student, faculty, staff, or guest, staying connected has never been easier. For more information on our networks and details on how to connect, please visit InsideWheaton (login required).


This network offers secure access to internal campus resources and the internet using your Wheaton credentials. This network is exclusively for Student, Faculty, Staff, and Affiliate devices that need access to campus resources not available through the internet.


Designed to make you feel right at home, this network is exclusively for Wheaton College Community members, making it easy to connect Smart Devices, Phones, TVs, Gaming Consoles and more to the internet.


Guests can enjoy Wi-Fi access by connecting to this network. Simply select WheatonGuest from the available Wi-Fi networks on your device. After connecting, you will be directed to our Guest Captive Portal Page to review and accept our Terms of Use. Upon Login, you will be redirected to the Wheaton College website and connected to the internet.

Important: This network is exclusively for Guests and should not be used by students, faculty, staff, or affiliates. It is an open and unsecured Wi-Fi network, and users will experience restricted access and reduced performance.