Setting up email requires a number of steps; if you need assistance, contact the technology helpline at x3900 or

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Initalize your password

If you are accessing your Wheaton email for the first time, you need to create your official Wheaton account

Choose how to access your email

You can access your email using nothing more than a web browser by going to Gmail.

However, most at Wheaton use an email client which is installed on your computer. The following are the most common choices of email clients:

  • Thunderbird (Mac, Windows, or Linux, available as a free download)
  • Apple Mail is built into the Mac OS X operating system

Set up your email client

Email client programs vary, but the settings are generally the same:

For the field marked Enter the following value
Username Your fully qualified Wheaton email address.
Password Your Wheaton email password
Email address [lastname]_[firstname]
Outbound SMTP server
Inbound email server
Setup Type Select IMAP
See the difference between POP and IMAP, below
(may or may not be asked)

For help setting up your email client, contact the helpline at x3900 or

The Difference Between POP and IMAP

Mail type Description Advantage Disadvantage
POP mail messages are moved down to your computer messages no longer count against your email space quota since the messages are on your local computer You can only access old mail from one computer. Also, if your computer breaks you will lose your messages
IMAP Mail messages remain on the email server No matter which computer you use to look at your email, you have access to all your new and old messages. If your computer breaks, your email is unaffected You only have a limited amount of space available on the email server


Managing your Spam in Google

Incoming email messages are subjected to Google’s spam filters, so messages detected as spam are automatically placed in a user’s Gmail spam folder. We recommend that you check Spam on a daily basis. If you find anything in this folder that is not SPAM you can select the message and hit the “Not Spam” button. This will send this message to your inbox, and will let Google know you do not wish these messages to be filtered to Spam.

If you have a message in your inbox that you would like to be filtered to Spam, you can select this message and click on the “Report Spam” button. This will send this message to the Spam filter, and will let Google know you do not wish to see these messages in your inbox. Please note: Messages that have been in Spam more than 30 days will be automatically deleted.

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