Safety should always be a top priority at any event.  Wheaton College Public Safety will help any planner assess the need to have safety related services during their event. Factors such as whether or not alcohol is provided, number of guests, type of activity taking place, location, parking needs etc are all considered when deciding what services are necessary to ensure the safety of everyone at an event.

Securing these services is meant to be as easy as requesting tables and chairs for an event. To begin this process follow the steps outlined on this page and remember, a member of C & E Services is always here to help!

Need to Book Detail Services

Step 1: Complete an Event Form including the need to serve alcohol.

Step 2: Once a confirmation for the event has been received the planner should contact the Public Safety department to assess what type of service is needed and for how long.

Step 3: Public Safety will secure necessary services and will confirm with the event planner.

Step 4: Communicate any and all changes to the event to C & E Services asap in order for Public Safety to adjust services that have been secured.

Step 5: Public Safety will complete an Interdepartmental Charge for the appropriate amount with the planner post event.