The Dimple is a great location to host an event….central to lots of activity on campus….easy access for everyone…gets great publicity…..and then IT RAINS! Welcome to New England!

Outdoor events are processed in the same way as any other event on campus, with one difference: They need a rain site!

Considerations for outdoor events

  • When completing the event form for an outdoor event alternative indoor facilities must also be requested.
  • An alternative is also to consider a “rain date.”
  • Events that request to be planned without a rain location may result in cancellation if inclement weather exists.
  • The College owns a limited amount of tables, chairs, trash barrels and other equipment that can be used to support outdoor events. Staging and sound equipment is not available from the College. It is important to discuss your needs with the Conference and Event Services office as early as possible to determine if your program needs can be met with on-campus resources.
  • Due to a town ordinance all outdoor events must reduce noise after midnight so as to contain it within the campus perimeter.