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Minor requirements

Urban Studies minor worksheet

The minor consists of five courses:
ECON 252 Urban Economics

One of the following courses in Research Methods
ANTH 302 Research Methods
POLS 200 Modern Political Inquiry: An Introduction to Research Methods
SOC 302 Research Methods in Sociology

One of the following courses in the Social Science of Urban Life
ANTH 240 Urban Anthropology
POLS 201 Contemporary Urban Politics
SOC 255 Living in Cities: Urban Sociology

One of the following courses in the City and its Agencies
PSY 334 Practicum in Human Services and Public Health
SOC 345 How Organizations Work: Internship

One of the following elective courses
ARTH 250 Modernism and Mass Culture in France, 1848-1914
ARTH 255 Art and Ritual of the Ancient Americas
ARTH 298 Cities of the Middle East
ARTH 330 Picturing New York
ARTH 398 Nineteenth Century Architecture
ENG 348 Sexual Politics of Film Noir
ENG 349 Harlem Renaissance and Modernity
GER 276/GER 376 Berlin: Monuments and Mayhem
Transatlantic Detective Fiction
HISP 400 Writing the City
ITAS 310 Fashion, Sex and the City

Mathematics and Natural Sciences
BIO 201 Environmental Science
COMP 198 Spatial Reasoning and GIS
PHYS 160 Geology
PHYS 227 Remote Sensing
INT 210 Water Resources Planning and Management
INT 215 Coastal Zone Management

Social Sciences
*ANTH 240 Urban Anthropology
*POLS 201 Contemporary Urban Politics
*SOC 255 Living in Cities: Urban Sociology
**SOC 245 How Organizations Work
SOC 262 Mapping Society: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
SOC 270 Immigration
SOC 315 Society, Technology and the Environment

* Only if not satisfying another requirement for the minor
** Only if not using Sociology 345 to satisfy experiential learning requirement

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