Join us for the opening reception of In the Weeds: Art in the Natural World at the Beard and Weil Galleries in Watson Fine Arts.

The exhibition showcases six artists who are tackling issues of the human relationship to our environmental surroundings. Many of these artists bridge art and science bring to life processes that may otherwise elude the general public. Through seed collecting, camouflage, performance, and artists’ books artists Kwang Choi, Rachel Frank, Jenny Kendler, Next Epoch Seed Library (a collaboration between Ellie Irons and Anne Percoco), and Tammy Nguyen consider issues of rewilding and human influence on the natural world.

The exhibition runs October 23—December 12, 2019

Image: Jenny Kendler

This interactive installation composed and performed by Artist-in-Residence Rosemary Liss and the First Year Seminar Rituals of Dinner is the culminating project for the FYS based on their newfound comestible vocabulary. During her visit, Liss (an alumna of this FYS) will teach a masterclass for the FYS in which she will share her own artistic and culinary journey with the students as well as guide them through the magic of mouthfeel.