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Minor requirements

Russian Studies minor worksheet

We offer two minors, one entirely in Russian, the other in Russian with some English.

Minor in Russian Language

The minor in Russian language, done entirely in Russian, requires a total of five courses: four semesters of language courses, and one semester chosen from RUSS 351, RUSS 352 or RUSS 370.

Minor in Russian Language and Literature

The minor in Russian language and literature allows you to do part of the course work in English. It consists of three language courses and two courses in Russian literature or culture. (The latter courses include RUSS 101, RUSS 200 or RUSS 300, RUSS 201 or RUSS 301, RUSS 203, RUSS 281, RUSS 284, RUSS 305, RUSS 351, RUSS 352. Substitutions possible with departmental approval.)

Both minors require a minimum of one course at the 300 level or above--this is a college--wide requirement.

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