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Wheaton College (“Wheaton” or “the College”) acknowledges that its students may have an interest in engaging in Business Activity on campus.  The Student Business Activity Policy (“the Policy”) permits some Business Activity on campus and outlines the limitations of and guidelines for such activity.


The Policy applies to all students of the College engaging in Business Activity on campus, including Business Activity undertaken by students as part of a curricular activity to earn academic credit.


Business Activity.  Any activity initiated and run by a student that is intended to generate or that does generate revenue or trade, whether for profit or not for profit.  Business Activity does not include fundraising which must be approved by the Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership Office.

  1. Limitations.
    1. Business Activity on campus may not: (i) jeopardize the nonprofit status of the College or any exemption of its income or property from federal, state or local taxation, or jeopardize the tax-exempt status of the College’s outstanding municipal bonds; (ii) disrupt residential life; or (iii) compromise the educational environment of the College.
    2. Students may not list their residence hall address, campus mailing address, Wheaton email, or Wheaton website in conjunction with any Business Activity, or in any way suggest that Wheaton endorses or sponsors the Business Activity.
    3. Students may not use College listservs for Business Activity purposes and may not compile or redistribute information from College directories for Business Activity Purposes.
    4. Students may not engage in door-to-door solicitation within the residence halls or administrative buildings on campus.
    5. Students may not engage in Business Activity that competes with services or goods provided by the College or a contracted vendor of the College.
    6. Use of College resources and facilities including but not limited to: (i) campus mail; (ii) the Maker’s Space; (iii) the library; and (iv) computers and the Wheaton network  must be de minimis in nature unless such use is temporary and limited to and necessary for  academic credit. Where use of College resources and facilities is for academic credit, a member of the College faculty must provide a written attestation outlining the use needed for curricular purposes.
    7. Students may not use the name of Wheaton College or any derivative name or mark related thereto in any advertisement material, brochure, mailer or any similar item in a manner that suggests or implies that Wheaton is affiliated in any way with the Business Activity.   Students must obtain prior approval before creating any products or providing services that will display the College’s name or marks, regardless of the method of distribution. In order to use the College’s marks, students must enter into a licensing agreement with Wheaton and this formal licensing program is administered in partnership with the Nexus Licensing Group. Students distributing items for resale must pay royalties to the College.  Resale items include sales to customers and sales for fundraising.
  1. Guidelines.
    1. Business Activity may include providing services and selling goods on campus to the extent it is otherwise compliant with local, state, and federal law.
    2. Students may conduct Business Activity on campus to the extent it does not compromise, interfere with, limit access to, or otherwise disrupt the usual functioning or educational purpose of a College facility, service, or resource.
    3. Business Activity must at all times adhere to the limitations outlined above and comply with College policies, including but not limited to the following: (i) Community Standards; (ii) Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy; and (iii) Intellectual Property Policy.
    4. The College retains sole discretion to prohibit, restrict, or control Business Activity on campus.