The write stuff

Alumna Julie Bogen ’14 discusses social media strategy, the value of the internship and finding her voice—and shares solid career advice for other young writers—in a recent profile featured in the career section of online publication The Lifestyle Edit.

Bogen, who majored in film and new media studies and minored in journalism and Spanish, works as social strategy planner for Refinery29, an online fashion, beauty and lifestyle guide for women.

“As someone in her mid-twenties, she’s living proof that if you knuckle down, learn fast and are truly passionate about what you’re putting out there, anything is possible,” the article says of Bogen, who offers “words of wisdom” for other women just starting out in their careers.

Early in her time at Wheaton, Bogen worked as an editorial intern for The Litchfield County Times in Connecticut and Passport magazine—positions she said offered her lots of independence to pitch and write stories and helped her build her writing portfolio. In turn, that portfolio helped her land internships at Teen Vogue and Oribe Hair Care, and eventually get a job at Refinery29 just a few months after graduation.

“By the time I left The Litchfield County Times, I had a portfolio that included both cover stories and news pieces, as well as a stellar recommendation from my supervisor,” Bogen told The Lifestyle Edit. “My bosses at Oribe and Teen Vogue saw the clips and knew I was careful and capable, so they felt comfortable assigning out stories.”

Bogen also benefitted from a strong professional network she built through her freelance work while still in college.

“Of course, a strong portfolio is great, but having someone who can say ‘I trust this girl and what she’s capable of’ gives you an advantage,” she told The Lifestyle Edit.