Sarah Maliarik ’20

Interned with: Marin Summer Theater in Marin County, Calif.
Supported by: Wheaton Fellowship
Majors: Theatre, Hispanic studies
Hometown: Novato, Calif.

Stage presence: “As the assistant director for this production of ‘Heathers The Musical’ [based on the 1988 film starring Winona Ryder], I was responsible for helping the director execute his artistic vision. I contributed creative ideas and brainstormed when we came across challenges. During rehearsals and shows, I took notes for the director and later communicated those notes to the actors. I also made a promo video advertising the show to the public.”

Fun behind the scenes: “Working on Heathers was truly an amazing experience. From rehearsals to performances to set strike, I developed new skills and relationships that will help me much in the future. I truly believe that theatre allows for the development of so many important life skills, and this experience was no different. My favorite moments were the laughs during rehearsals and shows. This dark comedy brought true joy out of everyone working on the show, including myself.”

A promotional image from Marin Summer Theater’s 2017 production of “Heathers The Musical”

Troubleshooting: “The biggest challenge was the intensity of working in a professional theatre company for the first time. There was limited time for this intense creative process, and I occasionally found myself struggling to keep up with all that was happening. Another big challenge was illness in our cast. For four of the six shows, at least one cast member was too ill to perform so we had to switch roles around just hours before the show. This meant adjusting choreography, reassigning lines, creating impromptu costumes, and much more. I have definitely learned to always be on my toes, ready for any challenge that may arise.”

Production value: “As a double major in theatre and Hispanic studies, with a minor in education, I have a wide variety of interests. I love theatre, especially directing. I want to continue to develop as a theatre maker in all aspects of theatre. My work on ‘Heathers’ was much more than assistant directing. I also had the opportunity to observe and learn from the costume, lighting, and sound designers, the choreographer and the musical director, the talented actors and all the other individuals involved in the production.”

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