Passion project

Lindsay Kreill ’20 helped with the development of an urban grocery store cooperative through a recent internship in Dayton, Ohio.

Economics and political science double major Lindsay Kreill ’20 spent part of her winter break helping to develop an urban grocery store cooperative, Gem City Market, in Dayton, Ohio. It’s a project she began working on at a previous internship and which she passionately supports.

“I interned with Hall Hunger Initiative in Dayton after my sophomore year, using my Wheaton stipend, and then worked with Co-op Dayton the following year. Both nonprofits have helped incubate and raise money for the market, which is a worker- and community-owned grocery store cooperative with over 2,400 members that is currently being built in West Dayton,” Kreill said.

This winter, she helped prepare for the launch of the market’s new logo and brand, redesigning promotional materials and adding information to the website. The work has helped Kreill improve her graphic design and social media marketing skills and added to her portfolio.

“The Gem City Market is a project I’ve been incredibly passionate about for several years. It’s an amazing example of the power of grassroots, community mobilization to tackle issues of poverty and food injustice,” she said. “Continuing my work with them in a new role is an amazing opportunity. I love being a part of something much bigger than myself and working with people who are equally passionate about ending hunger.”

Kreill is interested in a career working on the issues of poverty and hunger. She has applied to the Emerson National Hunger Fellowship through the Congressional Hunger Center, and is looking into similar opportunities after graduation.

“This [winter internship] opportunity gave me more experience in a field I love and helps me show to future employers that I am dedicated to these issues,” she said.

Kreill received funding support for her winter internship from a Porter Cleveland Fellowship.

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Lindsay Kreill ’20 with the team working on Gem City Market