Nancy D’Haiti ’19

Interned with: Eisenberg Exclusives in New York, N.Y.
Supported by: Wheaton Fellowship
Majors: Business and management, Italian studies
Hometown: Leogane, Haiti, and New York, N.Y.

Real-world experience: “As an assistant to a real estate agent, my responsibilities comprised of: advertising available short-term and long-term rentals to potential clients online at Craigslist, Sublet and Lease Break; assisting in market research and deal making by researching potential homes for clients on multiple real estate listing platforms, such as Street Easy, Nestio, Gatsby and Craigslist; managing emails and corresponding with potential clients; and, lastly, assisting with apartment showings. I was able to show multiple apartments across midtown Manhattan and the Upper East Side.”

Covering the costs: “I am extremely grateful to have received the Wheaton Fellowship. My internship, although a great opportunity, was unpaid. The fund I received not only enabled me to afford transportation to and from work, work attire, lunch, etc.β€”it also helped me gain work experience that I can add to my resume and allowed me to learn outside of the classroom, which I believe is a crucial part of my college experience. Furthermore, it enabled me to complete my internship requirement for my business major before junior year.”

Varied responsibilities: “What I liked the most about this internship is its versatility. My responsibilities increased and changed week to week: whether it was working on listings, answering emails from clients, working on creating connections on LinkedIn or being away from the office on showings. My supervisor made sure that I was not only able to learn as much as possible from this experience but also that it was enjoyable to me.”

Building confidence, and a business plan: “I definitely learned to be more confident about my abilities to work in the ‘real world.’ I also learned about the benefits of owning real estate. I am definitely interested in profiting from this field in the future. Buying an apartment or two and renting them out to tenants could be a great opportunity for a second source of income.”

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