Integrating coursework in Italy

Julie Mikush ’17

Studio art major

Studied digital photography at the Istituto Lorenzo dé Medici in Florence, Italy

Photo by Juli Mikush
Florence, Italy – Global Issues and Awareness. Global Need: Access to clean, safe water.

“The overall experience of studying abroad made me more outgoing and willing to try new things, including exploring as much of Italy as possible. While on a weekend trip, I took this photo of a room inside a Pompeii home. As a sophomore, I took the art history course ‘Visualizing Ancient Rome,’ taught by Professor Evelyn Staudinger. When I decided late in the semester to study abroad in Italy, I was so excited, as I knew I would have the opportunity to see architecture and sculpture that we had studied in the class. For my research paper for the course, I studied the styles of Roman wall paintings. Having knowledge of the history of Pompeii, including the wall paintings, made it all the more exciting when I had the chance to see them in person. In this particular photograph, there is not much left of the wall painting, but in other locations in Pompeii there are almost fully intact paintings.”

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