Inspired in Morocco

Mayte Contreras-Caro ’18

International relations major
Took part in the SIT Morocco: Multiculturalism and Human Rights Program, in Rabat, Morocco; studied a variety of subjects, including Arabic, Islam, social movements and Moroccan politics

“Studying abroad gave me the opportunity to not only see amazing places but also to meet amazing people, both from my program and Moroccan friends. I loved that the friends I met were comfortable around me enough to express their personal feelings about certain pressing issues in Morocco. I wanted to know more—more about their gender-based struggles or advantages, contemporary issues clashing with their religion and so many more social pressures.
“I wrote my final independent study paper on beauty standards and their influence on Moroccan women’s lifestyle. I touched upon religion, social life, culture and politics. The interactions and material learned inspired me to write passionately about this topic.”

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