Braden Marstaller ’18

Winter internship: Keller Williams Realty, Portland, Maine
Award: Talanian Family Work & Learning Fellowship
Major: Undeclared

A career home: “I got the internship at Keller Williams Realty after working there this past summer part time and then reaching out about any opportunities to return over winter break. My future aspiration is to acquire a real estate sales license and own a real estate firm. This particular internship helped me gain confidence in the marketing components of real estate. ” My favorite moment on the job was realizing how big of a presence I had at my internship.

Nuts and bolts: “My duties included helping rebrand a team of two realtors, as well as creating from scratch and publishing marketing materials. I also merged, organized and recreated new files for clients in preparation for the new name change and coming of 2016. My favorite moment on the job was realizing how big of a presence I had at my internship. I was sending out postcards in the mail to more than 400 addresses, and emails in the office to roughly 600 realtors daily. It was great seeing how quickly information about an open house or new property could be distributed to so many people.”

Building knowledge: “I learned how to create visual marketing materials to advertise a business and gain a greater following. I learned how to multitask and prioritize work based on the needs of the clients and the urgency of each property. I also learned how to communicate the needs of buyers and sellers visually through advertising and verbally in the office. I also learned all about the individual components of a property sale.”

‘Millennial expectation’: “The biggest surprise for me was the millennial expectation throughout the office. Many realtors would ask me how to use certain programs or the printer, and how to use certain apps on their phones. I was looked to as an oracle for all things millennials use consistently, which was great.”

Communication for better sales: “This internship fits nicely within my educational experience at Wheaton. After taking a course on business management and responsibility with Assistant Professor Nancy Scott last semester, I realized the importance of marketing and communication within a business and how advertising can really increase companies’ overall bottom line. This was also helpful as I prepare to take a marketing course my junior year.”

Winter internships

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