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Medieval and Renaissance Studies



Minor Requirements

Medieval and Renaissance Studies minor worksheet

The minor in medieval and renaissance studies consists of five courses from at least three different departments and at least one 300-level course.

Art History
ARTH 231 Italian Medieval Art and Culture
ARTH 232 Art and Architecture of the 14th and 15th Centuries in Italy
ARTH 241 Northern Renaissance Painting 1400-1550
ARTH 253 Castles and Cathedrals
ARTH 352 Early Medieval Art and Culture

CLAS 258 Tales of Troy
CLAS 358 Tales of Troy

ENG 207 Medieval Literature: Beowulf and Others
ENG 208 Anglo-Saxon Literature
ENG 273 Malcontents, Monarchy and Revenge in Early Modern Drama
ENG 306 Chaucer
ENG 309 Shakespeare and the Performance of Cultures
ENG 310 Shakespeare and the Company He Keeps
ENG 313 Renaissance Poetry

HIST 112 History of Europe, 1000-1700 CE

HIST 253 Popular Religion and Devotion in the Middle Ages
HIST 314 Renaissance, Reformation and Revolution: Europe 1350-1650
HIST 343 Late Antiquity: Transformation and Migration
HIST 344 Sex, Gender and the Body in the Medieval World

Italian Studies
ITAS 305 Infernos, Brothels and Courts

MUSC 209 Western Music I: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque

REL 204 Scripture in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
REL 316 Islam: Faith and Practice
REL 322 Judaism: Faith and Practice

Russian and Russian Studies
RUSS 101 Russian Folklore

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