Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts
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Understand the central role of mathematics in the modern world.

Our programs in Mathematics give students the technological skills and knowledge that are necessary to understand the central role of mathematics in the modern world. Our students are actively involved in projects and presentations that go beyond the customary course work, including presentations at the Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference.

We offer a series of intermediate level courses that expand upon the traditional offerings in pure mathematics. This includes courses in "Cryptography" and "Voting Theory." As part of the minor in Statistics, we are also offer a course in "Methods of Data Analysis."

As part of the Connections component of the Wheaton curriculum, many of our courses are linked with courses from other departments to allow students to explore areas and problems in different contexts. We currently contribute to ten distinct Connections that are linked to courses in Art, Economics, Education, English, Chemistry, or Political Science.

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