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Understand the central role of mathematics in the modern world.

We have a very friendly, supportive community of students and faculty who believe that mathematics is both beautiful and applicable and is one of pillars that supports Wheaton’s mission as a liberal arts college. You will learn to think like a mathematician at Wheaton, and this will serve you well no matter where your future takes you.


In addition to the traditional courses in pure mathematics, such as Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Real Analysis, we also offer a set of courses that highlight recent developments in mathematics, including sophomore-level courses in Data Analysis, Voting Theory, and Cryptography.

We know that our students have a wide range of interests, so we have intentionally structured our program with enough flexibility that you can easily study abroad and have the space to explore other academic pursuits as well. Our recent Math majors have taken full advantage of these opportunities. Some completed a second major in a discipline you may expect, such as Physics, Economics, Secondary Education, and Computer Science, but others have a second major in an area you may find surprising, such as Psychology, Philosophy, Hispanic Studies, English and French Studies.outdoor

We pride ourselves on working closely with our students to help each one find the path that is the best fit for them. This is reflected in the many different directions our majors have taken after graduation. Some have pursued gaduate school in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, or statistics, and others have chosen careers in business, finance, high school teaching, epidemiology, medicine, law, or technology fields, to name just a few.

We have beauiful spaces for our students and faculty to collaborate that are filled with chalkboards and whiteboards, including an outdoor classroom. Please stop by to visit us on the first floor of the Science Center!

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