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Minor requirements

Legal Studies minor worksheet

Students are required to take a minimum of five semester courses in the minor, with at least one at the 300-level.. Although it is possible to take only courses in philosophy and political science, courses from related fields, including sociology and psychology, may be included or substituted with the approval of one of the coordinators.


At least two required:
PHIL 255 Feminism, Philosophy and the Law
PHIL 260 How Judges Reason
PHIL 265 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 321 Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy

Political Science

At least two required:
POLS 291 Judicial Politics
POLS 309 International Law and Organization
POLS 341 Constitutional Law I: The Supreme Court and the Constitution
POLS 351 Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
POLS 022 Legal Issues in Public Policy: Family Law
POLS 023 Legal Issues in Public Policy: Criminal Law
POLS 024 Legal Issues in Public Policy: Torts
POLS 025 Legal Issues in Public Policy: The Law of Sexuality and Gender

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