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Welcome to Hispanic Studies

Hispanic Studies at Wheaton is an interdisciplinary major that gives students both the knowledge about the multiple cultures of the Spanish speaking World and the analytical, research, and writing skills necessary for today’s technology driven globalized world.

The Hispanic Studies Major is designed to enable students to think critically and creatively about literature and culture, communicate across disciplines and develop a critical awareness of the cultural realities of Spanish speaking communities both in the US and overseas. It offers several possibilities for study abroad as well as opportunities for experiential learning. Thanks to the program’s courses, study abroad and internships, students are able to grow and enhance their perspectives as engaged, sensitive and informed global citizens.

Hispanic Studies prepares students for graduate work in literary, cultural and international studies, as well as entry into a wide range of professional fields, including education, law, business, medicine and publishing. In addition, many courses in the department are relevant other majors and concentrations, such as English; International Relations; Sociology; Psychology; Anthropology; History; Early Modern Studies; and Women Studies.

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