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Below are the required forms that students applying to medical, dental, veterinary, and optometry programs must fill out and return to the health professions advisor in Kollett Hall.  All of these forms are placed in each students' private file that is housed in the health professions advisor's office.  All forms, besides the Intent to Apply Form, must be submitted to the health professors advisor no later than April 1st of the application year in order to be considered for a committee letter. All students for whom information is being gathered for the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) must fill out and submit the below Waiver/FERPA and Release of Information Forms before soliciting evaluators and recommendation writers.

Intent to Apply Form

This form informs the HPAC that you intend to submit an application for medical, dental, veterinary, or optometry school in the coming application cycle.  This form must be submitted no later than March 15th of the application year.

Reflection Questions Form

This form gives the committee a more personal perspective on your interest in the health professions.  The committee asks that you fill out this form in which you discuss the reasons you are interested in entering into a career in the health professions.

Waiver/FERPA Form and Release of Information Form

In compliance with the Family Rights and Policy Act, the committee requires students to fill out this form in which you state whether you waive (closed file) or do not waive (open file) your right to access letters written by HPAC, recommenders, and class instructors.  Your decision to waive or not waive access will be communicated to the committee, recommenders, and class instructors who submit assessments on your behalf.  Be aware that there is a general, though unsubstantiated feeling, that a closed file is viewed as more credible than an open file. This release form authorizes the Health Professions Advisory Committee to check with the appropriate offices regarding any academic and social actions/sanctions that took place during your time at Wheaton College.

Applicant Information Form

The Applicant Information Form provides the Health Professions Advisory Committee with relevant biographical and application information.  The information the applicant supplies will be used by the HPAC to gain a better understanding of the individual behind the application.

Course Evaluation Form

Students interested in applying for medical, dental, veterinary, and optometry programs are asked to submit this form to any instructors that students took a class with throughout their time at the college. These forms should be presented to faculty members at the completion of a course, but before leaving campus.

Letter of Recommendation Forms

There two forms must be used by applicants when requesting formal letters of recommendations from anyone submitting letters on the students behalf.  These are the Faculty Recommendation Form and the Non-Faculty Recommendation Form. Students are expected to have at least three to five recommendations, a minimum of two of these must come from science professors who taught the student.  Of course, the more letters from faculty and others allow more information for the HPAC to use in construction of a committee letter. Students should request recommendations immediately after having concluded a course or significant activity, especially if you will not be working with that person again.

Recommenders List

Students must fill out the Recommenders List stating all those who have agreed to write full recommendations on behalf of student's application.

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