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Wheaton is a global campus!

The Center for Global Education was created because Wheaton College understands the need for everyone to develop an international perspective.

In collaboration with individual students, faculty members, clubs and special interest groups, the Center for Global Education strives to promote global awareness throughout our community and offers opportunities to learn beyond our borders.

We’re proud of where our students come from; our diverse student community represents 72 countries and 39 states. A total of approximately 200 international students, which comprises around 12% of the student body, bring unique perspectives to our campus. The incoming class of 2020 includes students from Bangladesh, Guatemala, India, Japan, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, and Turkey. The Center for Global Education is here to help these students assimilate into the broader campus community and to encourage them to explore what the region has to offer.

We’re also proud of where our students are going, and how we help them get there. The Center for Global Education connects students to more than 80 study abroad programs, plus work and internship opportunities, in more than 40 locations around the world. The number of Wheaton students who study abroad is consistently high in comparison to other institutions. In fact, over the last ten years on average 45% of the student body participated in an overseas program of study. Many of our study abroad students go on to win Fulbright Scholarships, Marshall Scholarships and other prestigious awards which allow them to further their international endeavors.

2017 Eye on the World photo contest winners:

A photo of a man wearing a turban while examining some rocks in the desert

1st place - Global Classroom - Jennifer Loveland Rose

A night shot of the fluorescent lights of Hong Kong with a ship in front of it

Best Overall - Zhoujia Li

A photo of a school of fish swimming with the sun reflecting on the water above

1st place - Building Community Together - Jennifer Loveland Rose

A photo of a little girl drinking water with her hands

1st place - Global Issues & Awareness - Juli Mikush

A photo of a people running in a race. There is a woman in the front with a prosthetic leg in first

1st place - Challenging Identity - Zhoujia LI

A photo of a woman on a horse with a guide next to them in the desert in front of some rocks

1st place - (I)Selfie - Jennifer Loveland Rose

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