Now is your time to give back to begin your lasting tradition of supporting Wheaton College


What’s the Senior Class Gift?

The senior class gift is a proud Wheaton tradition* where members of the graduating class invest in the college, joining alumni & parents in strengthening the areas of Wheaton that they love. Participating in the senior class gift allows members of the Class of 2024 to leave their legacy by making their first gift to the college. Donations to any program or area at Wheaton count. You can choose to support the Wheaton Fund, Lyons Athletic Club, Friends of Arts, or any other student crowdfunding project that occurs this school year.

Did You Know?

*The Senior Class Gift, a student-led initiative and tradition at Wheaton since the early 1900s, is a way for the senior class to leave their legacy on the college through their philanthropic efforts.

Why Should I Give?

Did you know that every single student at Wheaton has benefitted from donor generosity in some way? Donors support academic programs, financial aid & scholarships for students, and overall priorities that boost success for students every day. By making a senior class gift, seniors can pay it forward for future Wheaties and their experience. Support an area that defined your experience and kickstart or reignite your philanthropic connection to Wheaton. Small gifts make a big difference!

Every Wheaton senior is encouraged to make a gift that matches their class year—$20.24

Where Should I Give?

Look back on your Wheaton experience: what has made a significant impact on your time at Wheaton or shaped who you are today? Consider supporting the college in an area that you feel most connected to — an academic program, an athletics team, a campus partner that helped your student organization, or maybe a scholarship or internship you benefitted from.

Wheaton Fund | Lyons Athletic Club | Friends of Art