The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) secures funding from corporations, foundations, and government agencies to support the scholarly interests and institutional priorities of Wheaton College. CFR coordinates and manages all approaches to private and government funding organizations.  We collaborate with college faculty and administrators to:

  • identify potential sources of support for all initiatives and projects;
  • prepare and submit grant proposals;
  • facilitate efficient institutional processing of all proposals;
  • assure timely narrative and financial stewardship reports on all institutional grants in conjunction with the Finance Office; and
  • maintain contact with, and coordinate site visits for, potential and current funders.

For Faculty

CFR works directly with faculty members to obtain external support for their ongoing research, creative and student teaching projects. If you are interested in seeking private or public funding for your work, we recommend an early conversation with us to identify potential prospects and discuss required proposal guidelines. CFR staff will then assist with:

a) proposal development;

b) oversight of the college’s approval process;

c) preparation of a letter of endorsement from the President or Provost;

d) submission of the proposal to the funding agency; and

e) stewardship of all narrative and financial interim and final reports.

We also encourage faculty to take advantage of the many internal funding opportunities administered by the Office of the Provost.