August 23-28, 2020

Wheaton offers optional programs for new students in the days preceding the mandatory Fall Orientation program. The Early Arrival Programs are designed to help students build connections, access resources and support and find a voice in the campus community early on in their college careers.

The program tracks focus on building community among specific student affinity groups but also allows space for all students to connect with each other. For more information on these programs, please email

Abilities 1st!

August 26-28, 2020

Designed for students who choose to register their disability with Accessibility Services. Led by Accessibility Services.

Brave, Bold and First

August 26-28, 2020

Intended for students who will be the first in their family or within their community of support to attend college. Led by the Center for Social Justice and Community Impact.


August 26-28, 2020

Geared toward students of color and provides an opportunity for students to engage in dialogue and explore issues of cultural identity, acceptance and intercultural learning. Led by the Marshall Center for Intercultural Learning.

International Student*

August 25-28, 2020

Created for all international students to deliver information about their immigration status, cultural adjustment, academic differences, options for employment and overall transition to Wheaton and the United States. Led by the Center for Global Education.

*International students are required to attend. Arrival date for international students is August 25, 2020.

Open Pride

August 26-28, 2020

Intended for students who identify as LGBTQ+ and want to explore their gender identity, expression and sexuality. Led by the Center for Social Justice and Community Impact.

Wheaton Outdoor Orientation Program

August 23-28, 2020

An optional outdoor adventure program for incoming students, planned in collaboration with the Outdoors Club, that offers a variety of relationship-building and outdoor activities. Led by the Office of Club Sports, Intramurals and Recreation.