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Where is the on-campus health center located?

Norton Medical Center (NMC), the on-campus student health center, is the small white building located at 14 Taunton Avenue.  Wheaton’s Student Health Services office is also housed in the NMC building.

How do I make an appointment?

Call 508-285-9500 to schedule an appointment. NMC provides same-day-only appointments. Space is limited so call as soon as you possibly can. The office accepts phone calls beginning at 9 AM. You must have an appointment to be seen; NMC is not a walk-in clinic. Please present your insurance card to the receptionist when checking in.

How much will an appointment cost?

All Wheaton students, regardless of their health insurance plan (Wheaton or personal), are seen free of charge at NMC; there is no cost (and no co-pay or deductible) for the actual office visit itself. Any associated lab work, procedures, treatments, and/or prescriptions are billed to your health insurance and you will be responsible for any deductibles or co-pays incurred.  Please contact your health insurance plan’s customer service department (number on the back of your insurance ID card) to confirm costs associated with lab work, procedures, treatments, and/or prescriptions received at Norton Medical Center (Sturdy Medical Associates dba Norton Medical Center).

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Will I pay a co-pay at NMC?

No, there’s no co-pay required at NMC. You are required to pay a co-pay according to your insurance plan for all other doctor’s office visits as well as emergency room visits. If you belong to the health insurance plan offered by the college, your co-pay is $15 for an outpatient office visit and $100 for an emergency room visit and there is no deductible. If you belong to a personal insurance plan, please contact the customer service department (number on the back of your insurance ID card) to confirm co-pay and deductible amounts for services received at facilities other than Norton Medical Center.

If I’m unable to be seen at NMC, are there other health clinics close by?

Yes, there are several walk-in health clinics nearby.  Please check with your insurance company to confirm coverage.

    1. Mansfield Walk-in Health Center*, 200 Copeland Drive, Mansfield, MA; 508-339-4144
      Bring picture ID, insurance card, co-payment, and, if you belong to an HMO, a referral.
    2. CVS Minute Clinic*, West Main Street, Norton, MA; 508-285-4032
    3. Compass Medical*, URGENT CARE, 21 Bristol Drive, Easton, MA; 508-565-7100
    4. Armistice Urgent Care*, 209 Armistice Blvd., Pawtucket, RI; 401-725-4100
    5. Tristan Medical Urgent Care*, 184 W. Main Street, Norton, MA; 508-824-0243
      *Insurance card, picture ID, and copayment required
What if I need health care when NMC is closed or need emergency care?

If you become ill on the weekend or after NMC has closed for the day, call 508-285-9500, leave a message with the answering service, and the doctor-on-call will promptly return your call. For emergency situations any time of day, contact Wheaton Campus Safety at 508-286-8213 or dial 911.

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Is there an infirmary on campus?

No, there is no traditional overnight infirmary.

What if I need transportation to an emergency room or to an off-campus medical appointment?

For transportation to off-campus medical appointments and local hospitals:

Where is the closest pharmacy?

There are 2 pharmacies conveniently located within easy walking distance:

Norton Medical Center will fax your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. When picking up your prescription, you will need to bring your insurance card and money for a co-payment.

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What services are provided at NMC?

There are 2 physicians and 2 nurse practitioners who are available to treat a variety of health problems such as colds and flu, mono, strep throat, GI upset, UTIs, and other minor illnesses and injuries. GYN exams, birth control, some routine immunizations, and confidential STD and HIV testing are available as well. Routine physical exams are not available. The on-site lab is open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Monday through Friday for any blood work your physician may order (fax to 508-286-5409). You will subsequently receive a bill from Sturdy Memorial Hospital as all blood work and cultures are processed there.

Are there any female providers at NMC?

Yes, there are 2 female providers: A physician and a nurse practitioner, as well as, Kelliann Bachand, GYN NP, who holds office hours every 3 – 4 weeks. You may request to see any one of these providers for GYN exams, birth control, and pregnancy counseling, as well as routine visits. Notify the receptionist of your preference when scheduling an appointment.

Are physical exams available at NMC?

Yes, physical exams are available at NMC – please contac Norton Medical Center at 508-285-9500 for assistance in scheduling an appointment.  There are several other local health clinics where you can receive an exam, as well.  All applicable deductibles and co-pays apply.

  • CVS Minute Clinic:  West Main Street, Norton, MA; 508-285-4032

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Are study abroad physicals and immunizations available at NMC?

Some routine immunizations are available at NMC by appointment but less routine vaccinations, especially those required for traveling abroad, are not. For these immunizations, you will need to make an appointment at one of the travel clinics in the area:

Are allergy shots available at NMC?

No, NMC does not administer allergy shots but the following allergists are located nearby:

      1. Allegery & Asthma Specialists; 550 N Main Street, Attleboro, MA; 781-769-9045
      2. Donald Accetta, MD, 101 Industrial Park Rd. • Suite 307, Taunton, MA; 508-880-3121
      3. AAP Asthma & Allergy Physicians, 35 Summer Street, Taunton, MA; 508-880-8737

Contact each office to confirm whether serum from your present/previous allergist is acceptable. Check with your insurance company regarding coverage for specialists and whether there are any charges or deductibles which are not covered by your health plan. At the time of each office visit, you’ll be asked for your insurance information and a co-payment. You’ll also be required to remain in the allergist’s office for 30 minutes after receiving your allergy injection.

What if I (not my parents) would like to receive my bills from NMC or Sturdy Memorial Hospital?

If you participate in the health insurance plan offered by Wheaton, bills from NMC and Sturdy Hospital will be mailed to you at your campus mailbox. If you are covered by your parents’ insurance, the statement of charges will be mailed to your home address in care of your parents. If you pay out of pocket, neither you nor your parents will receive a bill. Information about the Wheaton Student Accident and Sickness plan and the Accident Only plan may be found at Student Insurance Information. For more information regarding the health insurance plan offered by Wheaton, please visit gallagherstudent.com.

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Where can I find additional information regarding NMC?

More detailed information about NMC may be found at Welcome to Norton Medical Center.

Whom should I contact regarding NMC, my health insurance, or available healthcare options?

Contact Valerie Tobia LICSW, MPH, Director of Counseling and Health Services at health_services@wheatoncollege.edu. Valerie is available to answer specific questions regarding NMC, as well as concerns you may have regarding your health insurance coverage, on- and off-campus options for health care, and other health-related issues including requests for copies of medical records and immunization records.

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