For students having a mental health emergency/psychological crisis

During regular office hours (Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.–4:30 p.m. when classes are in session), please call the Counseling Center at 508-286-3905. When we pick up, please notify us you are in a crisis and need to be seen urgently.  If we do not pick up, please follow voicemail prompts to be connected to the Mental Health Support Line 24/7 (option 1) to speak with a clinician over the phone.

When we’re not available, you may access the Mental Health Support Line 24/7 by calling the front desk at 508-286-3905 and follow the voicemail prompts (press 1) from wherever you are in the world to be connected with a clinician. Language options other than English are also available via this resource. This service is free and clinician’s are on call to help you manage in the moment. Or, call Campus Safety at ext. 3333 (from a campus phone) or 508-286-3333 (from a cell phone/off-campus).

If you are off campus: Call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room (Sturdy Memorial Hospital is the nearest hospital to campus).

If you’re a friend, parent, staff or faculty member, RA, preceptor, etc.

If you have concerns about a current Wheaton student, please call the Counseling Center during regular business hours and ask to speak with the Counselor-on-Duty.  The Counselor-on-Duty will listen to your concerns and advise you accordingly.  Because state law and ethical practice require counseling staff to keep a student’s identity private, please remember that staff may neither confirm nor deny knowledge of the student in question.  However, please be assured that the Counseling Center staff will take your concerns very seriously.  Upon your report to the Counselor-On-Duty, there may be a number of courses of action taken, including directly contacting the student only if they are known to the Counseling Center; and/or advising you to contact another office on campus (such as the Dean of Students Office, Residential Life, Academic Advising, and/or Campus Safety).