Summer 2023, May 20th to August 14th

Summer Housing will be limited due to additional on-campus activities.

Apply for Summer Housing

A limited amount of housing is available to active/enrolled undergraduate Wheaton students who need to remain on campus over the summer. To qualify for summer housing, students must have been active/enrolled in the 2023 spring term as well as expect to be in the fall 2023 term, and must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Students who need to be on campus for some type of academic pursuit (faculty research, local internship, in-person summer courses, etc) and cannot commute from a reasonable distance
  • Students who are restricted by travel, such as those affected by circumstances outside of their control, i.e. travel bans, not those who have failed to plan ahead
  • Out of state students who are on-campus summer employees and cannot commute from a reasonable distance
  • Students with housing insecurity or inability to safely return to a permanent address
Summer Housing

The summer housing term begins the week after commencement and ends in mid-August. The application to apply for summer housing will be sent out to students in April.

Cost & Billing

Housing charges for your approved summer duration will be billed on your student account. Summer Housing fees equate to $110 per week. Billing cycles begin each Monday. Move outs must be completed by noon on Sunday. Each week’s fees will be assessed based on occupancy on Mondays at 12:01am. Students will need to book for the entirety of their summer stay at the beginning of contract.

What if I Can’t Afford Summer Housing Charges?

Students with an identified need may apply for a fee reduction with Student Financial Services. You must be approved to live on campus before you can apply for the reduction. After receiving confirmation of summer housing, please email with your name and they will work with students individually.

Early Departure

Residents who move out prior to August 14th, should email at least two days before they leave. Rooms will need to be vacated by 5pm on the day of departure and keys returned to Campus Safety before any adjustment is made to summer housing charges.

Dining & Food Pantry

Summer Housing does not include a meal plan and access to food on campus will be extremely limited. Students will be able to utilize the on-campus food pantry, and there may be limited dining options available, though not guaranteed. Students may utilize residential common-area kitchens to cook. For students with food insecurity, a limited food pantry will be available to supplement dietary needs.

Housing Assignment

Summer housing students will be assigned to a room in Larcom Hall. Summer housing locations are limited due to a robust conference schedule as well as facilities improvements and projects that will be completed. Summer residents should expect to have a roommate for the duration of the summer months. If you have someone that you would like to request to be your roommate, please include their name in the application. Please know that we will have limited access to our residential facilities and may not be able to accommodate all requests.

When will I have to move?

Final determination on relocations will be made in early May after all requests have been submitted and assessed. Approved summer residents should expect moving to occur as early as Senior Week, or the week of May 22nd at the latest.

What if I’m still unsure about needing housing?

If you are still unsure if you will need to remain on campus, please STILL COMPLETE the housing request form. It will be much harder for us to fit you back into housing, then to take you out.

Will other campus facilities be open?

You should expect that campus buildings and facilities, including but not limited to campus dining facilities, the college library, and the athletic and fitness centers will be closed or limited throughout the summer.