Residents Looking to Move

If you are interested in moving, please contact your Area Coordinator.  Your AC can talk to you about available spaces and complete the paperwork necessary to facilitate a move.

**Students looking to swap assignments must meet with an Area Coordinator to complete room change paperwork before you move.

Rooms with Vacancies

All vacancies are considered as available space by the College and must be accessible to other students looking to change rooms.

In such cases, the resident assigned to the room has three basic options:

  1. Invite someone move into the space.
  2. Request to move into a different space.
  3. Have our office assign a roommate to your space.  This would include students looking to change rooms.  In this case please provide us with some characteristics you are looking for in a roommate.

Residents are given a set amount of time to choose their option before Residential Life would then manage the vacancy administratively.  Typically residents are given 7-10 days, but can be shorter due to an emergency situation or at the beginning of a term.

Administratively Residential Life reserves the right to assign another student to the space and/or change a resident’s assignment at any time.

Please Note:

  • Requesting to leave the space vacant is not an option.
  • Under no circumstances should you consider this space your own or cause circumstances that will prevent other students from considering it a possible room for them to move into.
  • All furniture (especially the bed) must be left assembled and set-up in your room so that another student can easily move into the space.
  • If you fail to comply or obstruct this process in any way you will be held accountable through the conduct system.

This policy does not intend to create an uncomfortable living situation for any individual, but to ensure that all students have access to available space.  If you are having any problems with roommates or housing in general, please contact your Area Coordinator immediately so we can be of assistance.

Please Note:  This applies to all double, triple, and quad rooms.  Singles and connected singles, once vacated, are managed by Residential Life.  Rooms will be assigned administratively and not able to be offered or “willed” to another student.  Students living in connected singles may request a particular individual be placed in the adjoining room, but that request is not guaranteed.