2023-24 Residence Hall Move-in

Fall Semester

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023 (9am to 12pm)
Early Arrival Programs

Friday, August 25th, 2023 (9am to 1pm)
Transfer & First-Year Students
Students arriving on this day will receive specific move-in time frames. More information will be sent to their Wheaton emails.

Sunday, August 27th, 2023 (10am to 3:30pm)
Returning Students

Monday, August 28th, 2023 (10am to 3:30pm)
Returning Students


There are a number of stops for you to make once you have arrived and we will direct you once you are on campus. Your first stop will be the Balfour Hood Campus Center. If arriving by car, you will park in Lot 4. All students will make their way towards Balfour Hood where we will be waiting to check you in. You will receive your check-in information and your room key, yay! Vehicles will then be directed to a spot close to your assigned residence where you will be able to unload your items to your room and then move your car to Lot 3. Guests may help with room set up after relocating the car to Lot 3 for longer-term parking.

Unfortunately, we are limited in our ability to provide early arrivals due to the quick turnaround of our buildings from the summer conference groups and limited staffing.

For returning students with extenuating circumstances, requests can be made for an early arrival by following the link that was sent to Wheaton student emails. Please be aware that this is specifically for extenuating circumstances and spaces are limited. Those who are approved will be notified and assigned a time. Anyone who arrives prior to their move-in day without approval will not be able to move in and will be responsible for their own accommodations off campus.

Residency Options

A student’s residency options in 2023-24 academic year include:

  • Residential —  Students who live on campus can expect residence halls to operate in traditional capacity with standard singles, doubles, triples, and quad occupancy, based upon room size. (not all room types are available to all students)
  • Commuting — Students living at a parent, guardian, or other family member’s permanent residence and coming to campus to attend classes.
  • Off-Campus — Students living in a residence that you own, rent, or lease and coming to campus to attend classes. Must qualify based on current off-campus policy.
  • Studying Away (returning student only) — Students living and studying off campus as a part of a specific program (i.e. study abroad).
  • Leave of Absence (returning student only) – Students in this case may choose to temporarily suspend their studies at Wheaton until the Spring semester. Additional paperwork required.

Residential Change Forms Can be Found on the Housing Portal

*Please contact Student Financial Services if you are considering changing your residency status. A change in your residency status may impact your financial aid award.

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