To report sexual and gender-based misconduct, please contact Caraline Somerville, Title IX Coordinator, at 508-286-3261, [email protected], or at her office on the ground floor of the Doll’s House.

Other options to whom an individual may report an instance of Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct, besides the Title IX Coordinator, include Designated Officials as defined in the College’s Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy (“the Policy”). The Policy also identifies specific staff on campus who are required to report information implicating the Policy.

Regardless of reporting requirements, all members of the Wheaton College community are encouraged to report any behavior which allegedly violations the Policy by submitting a Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Report Form. Reporting parties may remain anonymous, which the exception of mandatory reporting parties.

Please know that if you experienced sexual or gender-based misconduct, you may report the misconduct and seek supportive resources without initiating the formal conduct process.*

Reporting the misconduct allows the college to:

  1. provide you with information about confidential and supportive resources
  2. implement any interim measures you may need for your safety and well-being
  3. inform you of your right to also report the misconduct to law enforcement
  4. discuss in detail the process of initiating the formal conduct process
  5. reemphasize the college’s strong stance against retaliation and that college officials will take any steps necessary to protect you and others from it

You may initiate the formal conduct process by requesting such to the Title IX Coordinator either in person, by phone, by email, or otherwise by writing. Once initiated, the College will review and process the complaint, assign an investigator(s) to conduct a thorough, reliable, and impartial investigation and complete an investigation report for Sexual and Gender-based Misconduct Hearing Board (the Board) review. The Board will hold a hearing, make a determination of responsibility, and impose sanctions, if appropriate.

For more information about the conduct process, please see the policy.

* In some limited instances, the college may be required to proceed through the conduct process without a reporting party’s participation, where a threat to the safety of the campus community exists.

The College respects each individual’s right to privacy and also encourages anyone dealing with an incident of sexual and gender-based misconduct to seek support, resources, and guidance on reporting options. All information shared with administration will be treated with great respect and confidence. For more information and resources, please visit the Support and Resources page.

Members of the Wheaton Community are encouraged to report behavior that implicates the College’s Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy.  The College recognizes that some students may wish to anonymously report incidents of sexual and gender-based misconduct.  The three options for students to anonymously report to the College are detailed below.

Anonymous Reporting Options

Submit a Sexual and Gender-based Misconduct Report Form  –  Students can use this form to submit reports to the Title IX Coordinator and may either identify themselves or remain anonymous. (Responsible Employees, including faculty, staff, and RAs, may also use this form but cannot submit it anonymously.)

  • LiveSafe App – You can submit anonymous reports of sexual and gender-based misconduct via the LiveSafe appReports filed through LiveSafe will be sent anonymously to Wheaton Campus Safety.  Campus Safety will share reports with the Title IX Coordinator.
  • Silent Witness Form – You can submit a report anonymously to Campus Safety by using this form. Campus Safety will share reports with the Title IX Coordinator.

Confidential Resources

For protected, confidential guidance and support, please consider utilizing one of the following options available to the Wheaton community:

  • Wheaton Counseling Center – 508-286-3905, open during business hours [M-F 8:30am – 4:30pm, closed 12:30-1:30pm for lunch]
  • New Hope – local rape and domestic violence center based in Attleboro – 24 hour hotline: in-state calls contact: 800-323-4673; out-of-state calls contact: SafeLink at 877-785-2020 and ask to be transferred to New Hope’s Hotline
  • Wheaton College Confidential Resource Provider: Melanite Gonzalez, 508-286-3905

Some faculty and staff are designated as mandatory reporters and must communicate any disclosure received to the Title IX Coordinator within 24-48 hours. Therefore, some faculty and staff are not permitted to remain anonymous when reporting any student disclosures of incidents of sexual and gender-based misconduct. Before disclosing, it is important to understand if the person you are communicating with has a reporting requirement, as designated in the Policy. For any required to or seeking to make a report, they may use the same Sexual and Gender-based Misconduct Report Form and include their name and contact information.