Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for identifying and advocating for issues concerning the student body, organizing ad-hoc committees, acting as the liaison body of the Senate to non-Senate groups and allocating funding via the Student Activities Fund.

SGA President

The President advocates for the student body through collaborations with senior leaders and campus partners working to elevate the student voice and maintain the progressive betterment of the Wheaton community.

SGA Vice President

The Vice President supports the Senate’s efforts to pass legislation that will improve the student experience at Wheaton, as well as foster open communication between the student body and their representatives in the Senate who seek to represent and serve them.

SGA Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary maintains an open line of communication between SGA and the Student Body managing official pages and organizing events including the fall and spring activities fair, or Halloween on Howard.

SGA Executive Treasurer

The Executive Treasurer facilitates the processes for clubs, club sports, theme houses, and other student organizations to receive funding.


Intercultural Board

Chair: Khushi Parikh ‘25, Chair (Current)
Chair: Isabel Richman (Elected 2023-2024)
Fosters a safe and supportive community for students with marginalized identities, in pursuit of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Educational Council

Chair: Ellie Swindler ‘24 (Current)
Chair: Vacant  (2023-2024)

Bridges the gap between students, faculty, and the Office of the Provost to advocate for equitable education policies and heighten the academic experience.

College Hearing Board

Chair: Kyle Collin ‘24
Chair: Diana Blake (Elected 2023-2024)

Educates the community on the Honor Code and increases integrity and accountability among students through a fair Conduct Review Process.

Student Alumni Association

Chair: Patrick Kelley ‘23
Chair: Vacant (2023-2024)

Cultivates enduring relationships between students and alumni through networking, mentorship, and career development opportunities.

Accessibility Board

Chair: Jolie Gagnon ‘24
Creates a more accessible and equitable campus for students with academic, social, emotional, learning, and physical disabilities.

Sustainability Board

Chair: Jordan Tiberi ‘23 (Current)
Chair: Abbey Palmer (Elected 2023-2024)

Implements environmentally conscious practices, bringing impactful environmental activism, awareness, and change to campus.

Sexuality, Gender, and Inclusion Board

Chair: MJ Brand ‘25
Uplifts the voices of LGBTQIA+ identities on campus while educating allies, to advance equitable and inclusive policies.

Wheaton Events Board

Chair: Julianne Morse ‘24 (Current)
Chair: Kate Scott (Elected 2023-2024)

Focuses on student engagement, involvement, and leadership through programming that increases school spirit and celebrates Wheaton traditions.