What does SGA do?

The Student Government Association acts as the central hub of communication and connection on campus. We connect students with each other as well as with faculty, staff, and senior leadership. Every year, SGA supports countless initiatives that enhance the student experience.

These initiatives include but are not limited to:

  • Distribute funding for campus events
  • Approve new clubs and organizations to add to the 100+ that exist already
  • Discuss policy initiatives that range from the dining experience to relations with the town of Norton
  • Invite members of the campus community to air concerns and ask questions
  • And so much more!

Leadership (2023-2024)

  • Meghan Lambert, President
  • Julianne Morse, Vice President
  • Renina Wynn, Secretary
  • Diane Tran, Treasurer

Senate and Class Council

The Student Senate acts as the official Legislative body of the Student Government Association of Wheaton College. It is through the Senate that the student body projects its voice. The Senate has various powers including the right to recognize new clubs and organizations, the power to determine and allocate the Student Activities Fee, as well as serve on committees to further enhance the Wheaton community as a whole. The Vice President presides over the Senate and facilities the day-to-day operations of the branch.

Senate and Class Council Positions

Class of 2024

  • Chair: Rachel Hickey
  • Communication and Marketing Chair: Erin Carroll
  • Class Treasurer: Emma Campbell
  • Member at Large: Alara Nelson

Class of 2025

  • Chair: Jema Espinosa
  • Communications and Marketing Chair: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Anh Le
  • Member at Large: Ellie Consolvo

Class of 2026

  • Chair: Paxton Phillips
  • Communications and Marketing Chair: Elizabeth McKinley
  • Treasurer: Vacant
  • Member at Large: Payton Molleur
  • Member at Large: Vacant

Class of 2027

Chair: Sriya Bodapti
Communications and Marketing: Hannah Coleman
Treasurer: Jacob Walker
Member at Large: Kevin Rice
Member at Large: Elle Bernal